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Thread: What did you do with your Falco today?

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    Very nice! The Ohlins up front are pretty snazzy too!

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    same sh..t diferent day

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    apriliaforum prov-nov
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    I put OZ wheels and an Ohlins rear shock on it.I Didn't have time to do the front forks. I have a set of Ohlins for the front also. The wheels made a difference in compliance and agility. Do the Ohlins fork tubes make all that much difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laverdavet View Post
    Do the Ohlins fork tubes make all that much difference?
    Technically not at all. But who gives when it looks much better?

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    I've fitted a tail tidy and did some colour by numbers on my new tyres. I've also realised that I've never posted my Falco on here, so here's an additional pre-tail tidy one too!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Damn GR....that is one fine looking black bird!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGeek View Post
    I'm 6'5 and 270lbs. My mille is PERFECT! Sat on a 2nd Gen and thought I had a thong on. Sat on the RSV4 and it disappeared. Sat on a busa and felt like I was cheating with my one love.
    Quote Originally Posted by ckruzel View Post
    looks like it crashed into my house and came out the other side

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    Bit slow on this thread, but I did this earlier in the week...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oulton Park, Little Budworth, Cheshire, England. Bike magazine, Reclaim our tracks track day.

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    Made a list of more parts I need to buy for this damn thing to get it to a streetable condition.
    Windmill cancer survivor.
    I don't care about my apathy.

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    Dahn Sarf
    Fitted a new Yuasa YTX14-BS (45 from MDS batteries, free delivery the next day) and went for a ride!

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    Touched up on some maintenance that needed to be done earlier this year. Figured this might be fun to share. This is a timelapse of a valve clearance check, fork oil change, electrical troubleshooting (side stand switch!), and engine oil change.

    Indy, IN
    '01 Red Fire SL1000 Falco
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    Installed a set of hel SS lines for the front brake (also added speedbleeders while I was at it) and drained/flushed/refilled the coolant system. Love spending good quality fetlling time in the garage.

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    Rebuild of crashed Falco continued -

    Bent RHS rad removed and frame straightened with hammer (van impact pushed whole lot over to the left)
    New RHS rad fitted, metal-glued the separated top bracket back on the LHS and refitted
    Bonded the oil tank lower securing 'bolt' together again and refitted
    Filled system only to see coolant pissing on the floor; pump-stat hose leaking; 15 from stealer posted but can I find 1" coolant hose anywhere? Can I f+ck... so ordered from local dealer via Aprilia - now we wait
    Fitted new rear indicator, replace both foot rest assemblies complete, fitted new seat plastics, refitted front brakes
    Went to fit new brake lever to realise I had thrown away the brake piston-rod end-pivot (anyone know what that's called?) in the lever away with the knackered one - aaarrggghh!
    Welded the broken lugs back on the front light module with a soldering iron, and sealed the cracks in the back of the instrument panel the same way - very smelly

    So making progress and really just the front end of the bike to go!
    2013 V4 Tuono ABS, Aprilia touring screen, anti-slip on pillion seat!

    2001 Falco; Ground-Up Rebuild Nov 2011; Big valve RSV Engine (with gear selector mod); RSV-R Ohlins shock - custom valve and spring + 10mm rideheight; Wavy front discs; Art cans; bellypan; hugger, K&N and Gab chip, stand (CNC alu CBR1000 replacement). Hit broadside by a van Jan '14, sorted May '14

    1998 GSX-R 750

    Favourite Previous bikes: 03 Tuono; BMW K1300s; Suzuki TL1000 Fighter; MV Augusta Brutale 910; Kawasaki KX250F Moto; Street Triple R; Ducati Multi 620; Suzuki Van Van (now daughter's)

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    A 100mph a day keeps old age at bay...

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    Well as usual I rode it to work and I rode it home again.

    The ride home was a bit more "exciting" than I want on a commute home from work.

    Trundling along the outside lane near the local hospital it came time to pull in to the inside lane as I would be turning left at the junction (of course that's equivalent to a right turn for you Americans and Continental Europeans).
    Pulled in to a suitable gap and then a Range Rover from the outside lane decided without warning or indicators or anything to cut right in infront of me. I was not amused as he basically used up the majority of my gap to the car infront. Didn't need to brake as he wasn't going slowly but wound the throttle right off and let the engine braking do its stuff ..... while exercising the headlight flasher repeatedly.

    It was at that point that the rear end went all a bit weird .... felt a bit like the rear tyre had been punctured and then it tried to catch up with the front wheel.
    Yes, having just been cut up by a Range Rover, the car behind had decided to run into the back of me!

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    The throttle roll-off was not dramatic at all - fairly low revs & high gear - just normal Falco slowing.
    The "surprise" was the squirming rear end (bike - not me) as I was pushed along by the car behind.

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