Hi , can somebody please help me!!!
i recently started using my sr50 again and all was fine for 6 months , bike ran a treat, then all of a sudden the bike kept losing power when being ridden(revs kept dying) and the caution lights would show with efi warning!! If I leave the bike for an hour it goes away and all is fine again until I ride it and the same keeps happening, I ran the diagnostic and there are no active faults and no dashboard faults either. It is like somebody using the cut of switch while I'm driving down the road , the caution lights and efi go on and off when they please and sometimes the bike won't start at all unless u leave it for an hour!! So I phoned the local bike shop and they said it needs to be connected to a diagnosis machine and that will cost 50 before and work is done solving the problem, does this sound right or is the bloke trying to rip me off? I put a brand new battery in checked all fuses checked everything seems fine I just can't see what's wrong !! Plz can somebody help me!! Many thanks In advance T