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Thread: good midwest dealer

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    good midwest dealer

    I am new to this forum and wondering who is the best dealer for Aprilia near Madison Wis. Don't have a problem traveling 100 miles to a dealer as long as its a good dealer. I have always wanted an Aprilia and since I aint getting any younger 61.Its probably now or never. Been riding bikes for 40+ years and have had pretty much all the different brands, except a Aprilia. Just did my first track day at Road America on my 2018 Ducati Super Sport and now I am hooked. She's a little down on power for my 250 pounds though. I bought the Duc for sport touring, but I am not doing a lot of that and have a Yamaha Super Tenere for long trips. I have had crappy dealers over the years and don't want to make the same mistake. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great site by the way.

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    If you dont mind the drive to Milwaukee (Brookfield) I use Reina International Auto for my services on my Moto Guzzi. Ignacio is the best mechanic that has ever serviced my Guzzi, and they have really good rates they even have don little things at no charge like replacing lost bolts (i think my bike was an after lunch bike lol)

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