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Thread: Need Serious Help with Sr 2001 morini

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    Unhappy Need Serious Help with Sr 2001 morini

    i have a 2001 sr morini and ive loads of trouble with it. i have a leo zx and have recently got a multivar. but it made the bike shit, the first one i ordered was for "Sr50 racing lc" like it said on mt log book. and it didnt fit because the middle sleeve was too thin to fit on the crankshaft. so i ordered the one for the mojito as i heard it has a morini engine, this one fit but my variator outer pulley got ground into by the new thinner sleeve. i have ordered a new outer plate and am putting the old varitor back in.

    Now this has happened i dont know which parts to order when im getting them. i want to get a 70 head and carb but arent sure which ones will fit. ANY iDEAS ???

    When i had my stock variator weights in and my zx pipe i could get 65 on my clock (58 on mates RS) but the accelleration was only good if i did full throttle from idle revs. and somtimes whenever i hit a bump a bit too hard the engine used to die out when i give it any throttle. Help..... Thanks

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    Just get a variator for a sr2000 A 70 head? On your stock cilinder? Wtf?
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    I think NeoGenix means a little clearer explaination is needed...
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    if you want any morini/suzuki parts contact pm tuning. they have every thing for your motor.

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