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Thread: Aprillia RS 125 - Starting problem (Not sure where to post)

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    Aprillia RS 125 - Starting problem (Not sure where to post)


    I have a friend who recently bought an Aprillia RS 125.

    The problem is it's failing to start almost every time. I recorded a video of what's happening below. Basically the bike will start and everything is fine then if I switch it off and attempt to start it again you will what happens in the video. The bike is basically new with only 200KM on it.

    Also this is his first bike so we aren't experts with them.

    What we were doing was... key in the ignition, choke is on and hit the starter with a little bit of throttle.

    Also the petcock is on.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Sounds like ( if the battery is in good nick) it's chocka block full of fuel pull out the plug and try to turn it over.

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    Sounds like your starter motor is sticking check it out it may need replacement .

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    Good way i have found to start is all swichted on choke on no throttle, if it fires then turn choke off, then give it a bit of throttle, this is way i have always done it and worked good, each person have there own ways. I would also remove tanks and remove carb and give it a good clean out see if owt is blocked.

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    Cant find were topmost this I bought an aprilia atlantic 125 will turn over with plug out but not with plug in any advice please

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