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Thread: improving 05 mapping with tuneecu

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    I just completed the FPR mod and my bike seems to be running REALLY rich. It pops and gurgles whenever you let off the throttle. I did have to replace several of the hoses. They were dry rotted and would just crumble when I tried to take them off the Y connector. One of the throttle sync hoses had a crack, too.

    I'm running the 05 map and a custom exhaust. It's pretty wide open. Kind of like a Staintune without the baffles.

    Any idea why I would running so rich?

    2003 Silver, wiring mod, fuel line mod, de-restricted airbox, HoMade exhaust.

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    you can have all manner of popping and gurgling with a lean running motor. The fuel mix is too lean to burn properly in the cylinder and either burns in the exhaust as a pop or when it hits the hot exhaust valve. This gets worse if you have an air leak in your custom exhaust.

    Combine an open pipe and with a more breathable air filter and yer likely running leaner than the std. maps were designed for. The FPR mod is usually done when gas mileage is low due to a richer running motor.

    I can assure you, my bike with a stop exhaust and intake would not run well with that mod done.

    Can you smell fuel in the exhaust and has your mileage dropped after the mod?

    Disconnect the mod. If the popping goes away, well, leave it that way, put the mod back and live the mod and the popping, or modify the map with Tune ECU.

    Sounds like some expertise and a dyne run might be in order to really know

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    It's about $500 here to dynotune your bike. But the tuners use a wide band Lambda sensor in the exhaust to fine tune it.
    IMHO it's well worth $500 to have someone dial it in so my guess work doesn't screw up the bike. Unless you install a wide band Lambda in the exhaust band & have a Lambda reader tool you really are shooting in the dark.
    Catfish did extensive Dyno runs for his maps so I have supreme confidence in his maps.


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    It's too lean.
    Change the map to a proven, open exhaust performer, and reconsider the FPR mod if still niggly.

    Also, recheck your TB synch. Screws too far open will produce deceleration popping.
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