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Thread: Tuono REAR SEAT for 2003 RSV 1000 Mille ???

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    Tuono REAR SEAT for 2003 RSV 1000 Mille ???

    Will a 2004-2006 Aprilia Tuono Rear Seat fit 2003 RSV 1000 Mille?

    Thank you

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    don't think so... not sure, but IF you're talking about the 1st generation Tuono, then maybe. Gen II on Gen I = no.

    If it makes you feel better, my wife's ass won't fit either of them.

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    2003-2006 Tuono has the same rear tail as the 2003 Mille only.

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    Looking for a seat? I can help, redone my tail for solo only and have a nice clean stock seat from a 2003. PM me.
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