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Thread: Help - 2008 Strada - metallic sound / service light on and oddly starts by herself?!!

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    Help - 2008 Strada - metallic sound / service light on and oddly starts by herself?!!

    Hello everyone.
    Can anybody help me please ....
    Had a lovely afternoon up at Newlands corner today, but on departing ...
    3 problems occurred all at once (I'm presuming they are all connected?):
    Red warning service light stayed on / horrible tinny metallic noise from I think the lower left side of engine and bike started by herself!!
    I put the key in the ignition, turned it on - but bike started without me pressing the starter button.
    It does this every time now.
    The tinny metallic noise appears to be only at idle / lower rev range.
    I rode her home, taking it easy all the way back - but now I need to fix her.
    Any ideas anyone?
    Thanks in advance ...

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    When I bought my Pegaso the start button was a bit stuck. If I gave it just a "soft" press then it would not return fully back, and the service light would come on a few seconds after, when the motor was already running. I think I also heard some weird noises, I suspect that it was the starter motor (probably not good).

    When starting the bike make sure to give the starter button a good press and that it returns to its original position (if not manually pull it back, but not too much since it is shared as a kill switch). I used a air-pressure bottle to clean its internals and it seemed to help. I was afraid to use WD-40 because I think that it can damage plastics and I'm not 100% what's inside there...

    Cheers & good luck!

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    It may be an idea to take the starter motor off and check it over, expecially the starter return springs as the nosie may be the starter motor semi engaging the flywheel which will not make either too happy. As the starter is on the lower LHS it could be a suspect.

    You may need to check the electrics under the tank. Once the tank is off you have access to all the electircs so should be able to find a short. Make use of the wiring diagram in the Stickies. Before you do all of that, check the electircal connections on the rectifier, they are easy to get at, prone to corrosion and are in the right kind of curcuit to cause a problems such as this.

    Hope this might help


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    Thanks dobbi and jotagab!
    All sorted - It was the starter switch.
    Bit sticky!
    I think they use quite thick grease on the ball bearing within the switch - which is fine in the Italian heat, but not in cold old Britain!!
    Took switch apart - fairly easy job - gave it a good clean and a fresh portion of lighter grease.
    Good as gold now.
    Thanks again guys.

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    Sticky starter switch - common issue. Glad you figgered it out!
    2015 Shiver
    New Zealand

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    Hi All,

    Need help regarding Pigaso Trill service warning light.

    when the bike switch on the triangle light on and after the bike start few minit the SERVICE warning is on.

    And the dashboard some time ok and some time hang.

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