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Thread: Approximate Paint Code Cross Reference List

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    Approximate Paint Code Cross Reference List

    Those codes are cross-references to automotive colors that someone has found to be a close approximation to actual Aprilia colors. They are not official Aprilia colors, but they should be very close. Any automotive paint/body shop should be able to plug these numbers into their computerized paint mixers and get a close match.
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    My in-laws have an automotive paint shop. They have an electronic tool that they put on paint and it scans the colour and provides the perfect mixing info so they can match up paint perfectly with their shop paint system, sort of like what Ted suggests.

    So, take your scoot to most any paint shop locally and ask them to do the same thing for you. The shop could even mix you up the exact paint you need based on their diagnosis.

    Then, you buy a PreVal sprayer and a couple of bottles and you can do the job yourself.
    Check out the PreVal system (Google) and you'll see it's the perfect sprayer system for small jobs like scooters.

    Some shops even have the skills to put the paint into a spray can for you but with the PreVal sprayer, you don't need a rattle can.

    So, what you want to do can be done without too much trouble.
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