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Thread: Brake light switch??

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    Brake light switch??

    Picked up a used Futura and the front brake lever was loose. Every time I went over a bump the brake light was going on. Looked at the switch. Is there suppose to be a rubber nipple on it? I fixed it by gluing a piece of rubber on the brake lever (to closed the gap). It seems to work fine now but hate to jury something up. Do I need a new brake light switch?

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    From :

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><strong>Brake light comes on while covering the front brake, or stays on after release</strong>
    Very common problem, no OEM solution (a replacement switch will be just as twitchy. The solution is to build up the thickness of the tang that presses the switch. One very easy fix is to remove the lever, and wrap the tang in a bunch of electrical tape.[/quote]

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