Resetting the service light

  • Key on
  • Press Lap and R for 5 seconds

Switching KM/H to MPH

  • Key on
  • Press A about 5 seconds until blinking
  • Press B to change unit of measurement
  • Press A for 5 seconds to confirm choice

V max

  • Uses trip odometer #1 (the odometer displayed during instantaneous speed)
  • To reset trip odometer #1 press R for 2 seconds
  • To display V max and distance of trip odometer 1 press B for 2 seconds
  • To reset V max press R for 2 seconds

AVS (Average Speed)

  • Uses trip odometer #2
  • Hold down B for 2 seconds and then press again
  • AVS is displayed along with distance of trip odometer #2
  • To reset both AVS and trip odometer #2 press R for 2 seconds

Redline threshold (engine off only)

  • Press C, release, and press again
  • Release C when desired RPM is reached

Battery voltage

  • Press D once

Setting hour

  • Press D twice
  • Press LAP until desired hour is reached
  • Press D to confirm

Setting minutes

  • Press D three times
  • Press LAP until desired minutes is reached
  • Press D to confirm

Setting C or F

  • Press D a fourth time
  • Press LAP to alternate units

Chronometer (Lap Timer)

  • V max, AVS, and trip odometer #2 no longer function in this mode
  • Press LAP and within 0.7 seconds press D to enter chronometer mode
  • To start timing press LAP and release immediately
  • To store a lap time press LAP
  • To display lap times press B
  • To cycle through the stored laps, press LAP
  • To reset memory press A and LAP for 2 seconds
  • To leave chronometer function press LAP and D