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Thread: HOW TO idle tune an old-gen (Denso equipped) bike with an EGA

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    Just north of Chicago - FLATLANDS
    Just thought I'd bump this thread as well. Nothing like a well tuned Tuono!
    '03 Magnet Grey Tuono
    '10 Honda VFR 1200F

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    My 03R is running like a bastard.

    Snatchy and hunting on light throttle from 3k up to around 4.2k. New plugs fixed it for a while, but now it's running rough again. Idles at 2k. 121hp, 57mm TBs, standard intake, exhaust. PCIII. Unknown internal mods, but likely to be more compression and cams than standard. It's an ex-racer and I can't contact the bloke who built it. Obviously, it's unhappy with the modded internals sucking and blowing through standard plumbing.

    I never get out of 3rd gear around town.

    It's all good though, I'm taking it to Dave Ward to get my Akras fitted and a thorough going-over.

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