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Thread: Dorsoduro 1200 weight loss program

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    Question on wheels, it seems that all the wheels AF1 sells will fit the RSV4/Tuono/DD750/DD1200 etc. Ed/Micah will a set of BST wheels for a Tuono/RSV4 fit the DD1200 too? I cant find a listing for BST wheels for the Dorsoduros but Tuonos and RSV4s are available. I know they have to have Marchesini style sprockets just like the O.Z.s... Its alot of coin for these babies and I would hate to get a set for a Tuono and them not fit my DD1200.

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    Dorsoduro 1200 is a heady cocktail of power, agility and precision which is With a sophisticated electronic engine management, the Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 Particularly compact with a modern design and considerably reduced weight.

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