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Thread: Main Fuel Line

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    Main Fuel Line

    Hi All,

    Well, this weekend, while Danny was out trying to pulverize two innocent old ladies, I was doing some maintenance and rewiring of the accessory circuits on my Futura. When I was completely done, and buttoning everything up, I ran my finger along the main fuel line and it came away damp. When I cut away the outer vinyl sleeve, I discovered that it was quite wet with fuel under there. Not good, and quite dangerous. While it may be exciting to watch, I have no desire to make myself into a giant Aprilia branded ball of flame. So, I ordered the $100 US part, and it should be here next week. It's pretty sad that this expensive line is steel braided and covered by an outer vinyl sleeve and it STILL leaked.

    Anyway, it might be a good idea to include this in your regular checks. I'm glad I lucked out and caught it when I did!



    Mike Wolf
    Folsom, CA

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    Did you find where from, Mike??
    It may have been at a union and the new line may not sort it.
    Also, is it still under warranty or was yours one of the early ones?
    Certainly well worth watching for


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    There is a fitting at the end of the fuel line that leaked on mine, but stopped as soon ans I tightened it.

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    Fuel Leakage


    Let me know if your fuel mileage hits 70 mpg after replacing the line - I'll be under my tank in a heartbeat


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    Re: Fuel Leakage

    I can get 80MPG ..........:p

    But I'm a bit tired when I'm done pushing it home :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

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    Hey Guys,

    Unfortunately, the leak wasn't at the fittings, so tightening a bolt wasn't going to get the job done. The leak was about eight inches from the banjo fitting at the tank. Believe me, I would have loved to have saved 100 bucks for a fuel line by turning a wrench.

    Rick, as soon as I hit 70mpg, I'll send you that brochure on my swamp land in Florida....



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    Fuel line

    Hey Wolfie hope it goes well whith you. How many miles on your bike that fuel line leak sounds like a fluke at least I hope so. I will be checking mine as regular maintenance whenever I have the tank up. Mark Elk Grove Ca.

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    Re: Fuel line

    Hey, thanks Mark! The line still isn't in. I called Scuderia West today and the word is that it's not backordered, so the darn thing should arrive any day. Uh, huh, riiiight. Every day that goes by, it aggrivates me more and more that Aprilia didn't just have two male fittings with a hose-clamped fuel line in between. Ah, well.

    I'm pushing 10k miles on my '01. I bought it about a year ago used and neglected with only 2400 miles on the clock.

    You're close by in Elk Grove! We should go on a ride one of these weekends! Have you done Mosquito Ridge? It's one of my favorites, but there are soooo many great roads around here.



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    Re: Fuel line

    Sorry to hear that Mike , at least i could ride my bike that weekend !
    But if it may ease your frustrations , mine is with the dealer for new forkseals what will cost me about 100Euro aswell !!!

    Riding a motorcycle just isn't the sheapest hobby out there !<img src= ALT=":\">


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