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Thread: Did you see the interview?

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    Did you see the interview?

    Did anyone see the interview on BBC with Valentino Rossi? It was on last Thur. or Fri. He was talking about how far back his Yamaha production bike was, running against the competition.

    Does anyone think he still has a chance to win the whole shabang, or maybe just a race or two.

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    Production bike?
    I think he'll be right up there in the Title race.

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    Given that he topped the Catalunya test sheets I would be loathe to bet against him for the title. That will suit me just fine as I have a totally irrational dislike of Honda in general.
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    I don't know what interview that was on BBC, but the Rossi's interviews on the motoGP website all have a similar theme about him needing more power, and that the bike is slow (not as fast as the RC211). It's still early, but the progress Yamaha have made with Rossi seems amazing in such a short time frame. The times were faster for Catalunya last year though, probably cause it was windy and cold this year. I wouldn't put it past him to win the whole shbang so to speak. I would like to see that too

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