View Poll Results: Have you experienced charging problems?

73. You may not vote on this poll
  • No - I have had no charging problems

    12 16.44%
  • Yes - My Regulator/Rectifier broke down

    18 24.66%
  • Yes - My connectors burnt

    22 30.14%
  • Yes - My wiring was bad

    5 6.85%
  • Yes - My stator failed

    1 1.37%
  • Yes - Have replaced my Regulator/Rectifier at leas twice

    6 8.22%
  • Yes - Several times with different failed components

    7 9.59%
  • Yes - Due to other problems

    2 2.74%
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Thread: Poll for Charging Problems

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    Poll for Charging Problems

    Haven´t seen much polls around so I start one here.

    This one is about charging problems
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    I voted "No, No problems", but I did the wiring, soldered connectors, and later added a new rectifier simply as a precaution, not because I actually needed it at the time.
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    I replaced the reg/rec as stock was charging at 11.7-ish.
    Melted a brown connector long after that..... I melted a Posi-Lock as well.
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    I checked No.#2, but I also wanted No.#6
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    3 recs on two bikes in 7 years

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    As some of the others I cut out the brown connector and fitted Bikpaintr's rectifier as a precaution so don't know if I would have had problems.
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    I checked #2. (though my connectors were also burnt #3)

    The stock rec fried my dash & killed a brand new YTZ14S battery.

    After new JohnB's rec, & posi-lock connectors, bike starts right up, (once even after sitting for 4 weeks).

    Looks like, need to change posi locks after reading rdb's post.

    Still looking for a dash, though.

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    Now the problem for me with this poll is it only allows me to hit one choice. With my two bikes I could hit about 4 I reckon

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    Battery would go dead because it wasn't getting enough charge while riding. Cut out the white and brown connectors, hardwired and ran some extra wires up to the negative battery post and haven't had a problem since (over 3 years). Stator and rectifier still stock.

    So I voted "bad wiring."

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    This poll isn't helping. So far, five people said they never had a charging issue; however, some (all?) of the five did the mod preemptively. I'd like to know if the charging system was flawless on anyone's Futura while bone stock.

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    I checked #3, burnt connectors but that only happened after I replaced the OEM rectifier w/John's and had soldered the connectors. It was the white connector that burned, only one contact on the rectifier side. I resoldered that connector and have had no problems since.
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    +1 what he said

    my starter relay died so I just replaced the rectifier when I replaced the realy per the suggestion of many on the forum, haven't had any issues since

    Quote Originally Posted by meanstrk View Post
    I voted "No, No problems", but I did the wiring, soldered connectors, and later added a new rectifier simply as a precaution, not because I actually needed it at the time.
    Last edited by 01Futuraman; 09-16-2010 at 12:35 AM.
    Mods:rectifier replacement, soldered wires, derestricted airbox, QDC replacement with metal one, capped holes on fuel plate, basically just the standard stuff we have to do to be safe and keep them running well
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    Yes, on my first Futura my rectifier broke down in the middle of a trip home. I broke down about 50 miles from home in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service for about 20 miles in either direction. Thankfully I hitched a ride from a guy who took me to where I could get a signal on my phone. I called a friend and he came with a trailer and picked me up. My stock regulator took a shit after about 35k miles. I replaced it with Rick's reg/rec. Didn't have any problems after that. My brown connector had been removed & the wires soldered, not sure at what mileage but it wasn't there when I bought the bike with 27k on it.
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