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    I have been awaiting delivery of my panniers scince 14 TH March 2003. Can anyone help me locate a dealer in the UK who has any silver panniers for sale.I have tryed all the usual channels within the Aprilia organisation,all they will tell me is that the order has been processed. However they can't give me a delivery date. My problem is that I am going to France on the 2ND June & need my panniers. Is there anyone that could give me some usefull tel no's for Aprilia. I understand that goods are despatched from Aprilia's central distrubution depot which is based in France. I am totally pissed of with Aprilia I have even emailed MCN to warn other prospective Aprilia customers to be very wary.Aprilia customer service are about as usefull as tits on a NUN.

    Any help would be grately appreciated,but time is running out for me.

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    I don't know about the panniers, but a nun's tits can be very useful to a priest :rollin:

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    have silver pannniers but no key or fitting kit, all still at dealers while they try to find key etc. I to am starting to become a tadge annoyed!!!!!

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    Ordered mine on the 9th March when I bought the bike, still waiting.
    Was originally told 2 weeks!

    Would I buy Aprilia again?

    No chance, great bike but the rest of the service is poo!!!!


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    Try this number for Panniers in the UK,
    If Andy can't get them, they can't be got.

    Call Andrew on 01522 543006 -

    As I understand it the problem is that ALL Futura's now get panniers as standard and as production of the bike is at this time of year, all panniers being produced are being allocated to the new bikes.



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