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Thread: Problems with 2007 RSVR 1000

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    Problems with 2007 RSVR 1000

    I was riding today and the bike started to cut out during acceleration. Then it felt like it was running on one cylinder so, I pulled over and it seamed to be ok. Then I took off again and it would not go over 4k with out cutting out. I stated going home and the motor died on me 3 times while limping it back. I have no idea why it is doing this.

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    I had that same problem and found 2 possible causes, I fixed both and never happened again.
    1-do you have a power commander?
    1 of the plugs came out of my engine a little ways and made it feel like it was running on 1 cyl. and it would cut out at 4,000 rpm's in 3rd gear or 8,000 rpm's in 2nd gear and just plain cut out in 4th gear, kinda same as yours is doing.
    I rode 45 miles home from work on the freeway in 2nd gear at like 7,000 rpm's the whole way.
    Luckily where I was living at the time the unholy San Francisco bay area traffic was goin slower than I was able to go in 2nd so I kept up ok with traffic.

    2-When examining my fuel system I found I also had a clogged fuel filter so I replaced it.

    I am not sure which of the 2 ultimately caused MINE to cut out at 4,000 rpm's, but I replaced the Fuel Filter, made sure the PC sensor was pushed in nice and tight and never had the problem again.
    Also another time the bike would intermitantly cut out and I found a kink in my fuel line right below the nipple. I cut the kink out of the line, reconnected it and that was that.
    Hopefully this helps and you don't have a bigger issue.
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    1st welcome aboard!

    has the fuel line recall been done on your bike? there is a POS, 4 cm long fuel line in the tank that leaks and pops off

    if you do it yourself, you need 2" of 5/16th SUBMERSIBLE fuel line and 2 all stainless screw type hose clamps.....

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