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Thread: A month on the road.

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    A month on the road.

    Just got back from five weeks of bumming around the Eastern U.S.of A. on my Futura. Total of nearly 7000 miles. The only issue encountered was a loss of fluid from the clutch at around 6000 miles.
    Topped off the reservoir and finished the journey without any more troubles. There was a lot of traffic and time with the clutch in, from Detroit to Erie.
    Ok, I did replace the tires but they were not new at the beginning. Did't even adjust the chain. My tail started to get pink after 4 weeks but I have motorcycles I need to get off of after 4 hours. I figured something like 15 days in the seat.

    Make the time to get out on these things and enjoy them. Those of us with one have some idea but sell a friend on one, load them up with gear and spend a week or two.
    You will love it.

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    Sounds like a great trip.

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    Nice! I just returned as well, but with 2/3 less miles. I need to post up a ride report soon as well.
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