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    Aprilia 125 RS


    I have just bought a 2001 UK Aprilia 125 RS. I passed my CBT the other day and have ridden the bike a couple of times since then. I have a few questions about them:

    1) The clutch seems to drag a little when stationary and first gear selected. It stops 'dragging' if I rev the engine higher than tick over. I've tried adjusting the clutch but all I succeeded in doing was making it slip when it reached the power band (6,000 rpm ish) so adjusted it back agian. Is it normal for a bit of dragging?

    2) How much revs should I need to set off? I expect it to be different than a 4 strokes power delivery but it seems to need a LOT of revs to pull away cleanly. Also, it's doesn't like low revs when riding. Seems to have no torque which causes it to bog down. Do I just need to give it more revs?

    3) It is fitted with a cone K&N style air filter and a Gianlli(?) box. Would this be causing any issues? If so, would getting a standard air box fitted help at all?

    4) My dad has put a liter of cheap Comma 2 stroke in it. Should I drain this out put a bottle Putoline TTX in or will running the Comma stuff through be ok?

    Cheers in advance.

    PS: The guy I bought the bike off seemed to know what he was on about and I saw him rding around on it no problem.
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