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Thread: trouble shooting and maintenance

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    trouble shooting and maintenance

    here you go;

    1.>pdf manuals; get them from AF1
    free owners manuals;
    here are Aprilia training manuals, a BIG wiring diagram, graphics, all kinds of good stuff

    2.>Aprilia fault codes; From ignition off, press and hold the LAP/PASS switch on the left handlebar. Turn on the ignition but don't start the bike ( keeping LAP/PASS held ). After 30 seconds or so the temp display on the dash will display error code numbers or 0 if none are displayed. Note that the codes are cleared after this operation.

    3.>the stator test;

    4.>electrical trouble shooting guide;

    5.>finding parasitic battery drains the easy way

    6.>fuel filter WIX #33012

    7.>here's a suspension tuning guide;

    8.>for bikes, with hard to find neutral;

    9.>clutch M/C seals;

    10.>replace the click type hose clamps with these All stainless ones;

    11.>fuel cap leak post#9;

    12.>Amauri's temp sensor post #3

    13.>the correct brake and clutch fluid is DOT 4

    14.>bleeding clutch and rear brake by kzmille

    15.>if you lose your key and need to reprogram the Immobilizer;

    16.>list of locksmiths that 'can' cut Aprilia keys

    17.>flywheel removal with pictures (thanks to uberchicken)

    18.>Aprilia bearings and seals

    19.>Clic-R pliers....for all the hose clamps

    20.>the exhaust pipe formula

    21.>manuals for everything thanks to Mille Racer 69;
    It takes a minute for the whole page to load up

    22.>submersible fuel injection line is spec SAE J30R10

    23.> Change Shift Light RPM:

    24.> replacement starter solenoid Yamaha 4KD-81-940-00

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    in case you're interested in component weights & removing some weight form your bike:
    part weight comparisons - click here:

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    Adding link to sprag clutch repacement

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