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Thread: Ohlins Shock Install / Linkage Mod

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    Ohlins Shock Install / Linkage Mod

    Well here it is, Folks. There are already aftermarket shocks available from Penske and Wilbers, but if the thought of Ohlins on your bike intrigues you, read on. You can find specific shock removal instructions elsewhere, but what follows is info that is specific to the Ohlins rear shock. Bikepainter posted a complete step by step article the shock removal on Wolfies website here…
    The only thing I would add is that I’ve read that it’s possible to set the bike’s centerstand on a board allowing the rear wheel to drop much lower and removing the shock from the bottom instead of lifting the subframe. I chose to tear it down instead. (Besides, I didn’t know about the other method at the time…) The advantage to taking the whole bike down to bits is that you can clean places that have been neglected for miles. For example, most of my wiring connections around the battery got cleaned and renewed in the process.
    If you have an H Pipe the bolt that holds the dogbone to the frame will NOT come out unless you remove the pipe. (see 3rd. photo down) Believe me, I tried. I removed the pipe and upon reassembly, I installed the bolt from the opposite direction so if I ever have to do this again...
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