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Thread: I don't own one - Yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micah / AF1 Racing View Post
    When you getting a V-Due?
    Wonder if Jay still has his? Did he ever get it to run right?
    A mind is like a parachute: It doesn't work if it isn't open. FZ

    When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. Victor Hugo

    So, the fear of death might be described as the fear of not being able to become whom one had planned to be. Pascal Mercier

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrx_02 View Post
    Chris actually owns this bike now.
    Not that nice of one, but that's OK because I would be worried about doing this to pristine bike:
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    ^^ When I look at that picture all I can see are cassette tapes and trapper keepers

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    looking at .....SB8rs

    An avid collector (Doug) in Colorado has three Bimota SB8RS models and he is looking to sell one or two

    I need to get off the fence - maybe I can get one this fall
    now a 2017 Aprilia Tuono RR let the mods begin
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    To own one Bimota is a own two, is just plain old greedy....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Axecent View Post
    Frank was misunderstood for the most part. He was labelled with the mantel "No Commercial Potential" early on but put that notion to rest with his hard work and musical genius. His audience in the US was mostly male, followers typically were fairly cynical outside of the musical purists that were provided with the rich and complicated polyrythms and dense compositional efforts of a musician who could laugh at himself as well as the world and actually injected humor into music because he asserted that it belonged there. Serious musicians mostly dismissed him from among the ranks of themselves, but he was well received by a small minority of composers and conductors. But to answer your question, I just don't think that Frank ever really crossed the radar of the mass media. He mocked nearly every religion, so that scared the commercial media. He was unfairly (IMO) labelled as a mysogynist and an anti-semite, etc. while in truth, he was anti drug, pro education and political when it came to his fervor to spread the word that voting was important. He made a guest appearance or two during congressional hearings, a few late night jaunts, etc. but he even managed to step on SNL's toes by mocking their talents live on Saturday night. I think Frank probably wanted more media attention, simply because that might have indicated the audience was picking up on his message(s), but he would have made sure they paid in shock and awe value at some point. I may be wrong but I think Frank was much more widely appreciated in Europe (and especially so in eastern Europe) than in the US.
    I had so many friends into Zappa and Cpt Beefheart .He was quite popular here with the audiophiles and vinyl nuts of which I know a few . I was never a fan I have watched 100 motels listened to probably every album but I am afraid it just did not get it . I will stick to Depech Mode and Kraftwerk .
    Some folks accuse me of thinking the world revolves around me ,but it doesnt .It revolves around the sun which shines out my arse !

    The look what i have in my garage list...

    a Superduke 990
    a z750
    a suzuki 750 not tellin u will take the piss
    some other bikes
    some other bikes with no engines
    a Chainsaw
    some spanners and other tools
    a collection of exhausts and other detritus for bikes i no longer own
    some assorted wood
    various fluids
    old riding gear
    radio controled things that crashed and broke
    spare tiles for the bathroom

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