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Thread: Puig windscreen

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    Home Depot / Lowes foam seal 1" Still a bit but not near as much, planning on a thicker piece when I find it or a slight bend at the bottom to make it closer. Sorry for the image size
    Look out for that tree!

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    There is a glare but it doesn't really bother me. Understand that these pics were taken with an iPhone so take the pics with a grain of salt. And the glare is more of a white spot rather than a glare in my eyes.

    Looking ahead.

    Looking at the glare.

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    Thanks for the pics guys the glare is quite pronounced I'm surprised that there is that much. TruBandit, you stated that you have used foam around the edges and that helped cut it down so when I order I think I'll do the same.

    Thanks again.

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