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Thread: 02' Flame Red Futura for sale/or trade 02' Falco

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    02' Flame Red Futura for sale/or trade 02' Falco

    02' Flame Red Futura, 3.5k miles 20mos warranty,New Staintunes,Tuneboy/tunedit software,cable &mapping key, new Metzler Sportec M1's, steel braided clutch & brake lines, bike is perfect!!! $9950.00 or trade on 02' FalcoR cell (615)533-9512 located in Nashville, TN

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    Trade for '00

    Just out of curiosity, would you consider a trade for a 2000.5 Falco(red, approx 10k mileage) with numerous upgrades(Renegade airbox, Leo pipes, Race chip, Sargeant seat, Mille swingarm, Penske shock, M1 tires, etc.)?

    I love the Falco, but my wife doesn't. She sat on a Futura at a bike show and loved it.

    Ride safe.

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    Re: Trade for '00

    Your bike sounds interesting. I still have this thing for the restyled 02'/03' bike I really like the looks of the new bike. I've already had a couple of offers on 01' bikes and 2 dealers with new 01's they have offered great trades on to move their bikes strangely I can't find any sitting on an 02' ! As far as your bike goes I guess it would depend on what you have to have out of. Also do you have any pics of it. Let me know. Thanks

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    Re: Trade for '00

    I have an '02, but you're a long way away. Got a pic?

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    Re: Trade for '00

    Aviator, I don't have a digital camera but I'll work on getting some pics posted. In the mean time I can tell you that the bike is as new in every respect. The bike was a factory reps. demo bike not an Aprilia ride demo bike that everybody and his brother had a run at. It had 3k on when I got it. It has 3.5k now I got it in Oct.02'. I just put the Staintunes on it and the Metzler M1 Sportecs ( barely scrubbed in!!) Tell me about your 02' Falco R color, miles, accessories, etc. My cell # is posted give me your # and I'd be happy to call you. Sully1000

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    are you still trading that bike? I would be interested (have yet to convince myself, he, he...).

    Have you de-restricted it? I have heard bad things about de-restricting.

    I have a silver/black Falco '02 with 1500 miles in the Odometer.

    please, e-mail me to

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    02' Flame Red Futura for sale/or trade 02' Falco

    I'm not the best at email, etc. Much rather use the phone. I've sent you an email I hope! You can reach me via email at If you will post your phone # either here or to my email I'll be happy to call you . Much easier to answre your ?'s and mine. Thanks

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