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Thread: No spark :(

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    No spark :(

    Hi folks,

    I've just finished replacing my sprag clutch, and after some initial woes with the setup I've got it working fine. Engine spins over beautifully, however I have no spark.

    Obviouslly replacing the sprag involved removing the alternator flywheel and the stator from the casing, so I carefully checked I hadn't nicked a wire or missed something obvious.

    That all seemed fine so I started checking random unrelated things too... So far I've followed the manual and checked all of the following:

    Crankshaft position sensor
    Continuity and resistance of the three yellow wires from the alternator
    All the general wires under the seat for breakages
    Reg/rec for correct resistances on pins
    Coils for correct resistance
    Resistance/continuity at the round pickup connector
    Diode module, checked continuity of diodes as per manual
    ECU for any obvious visual damage e.g. bulged capacitors or burnt components

    All of these check-out okay.

    Interestingly, if I connect the two TEST wires (near the battery) the dash just ignores it and doesnt go into DIAG mode. I'm aware this could indicate a faulty ECU, however, it's been this way for a while now (even when the bike was running fine...). The TEST wires are definately shorting together properly, because I can confirm it at the ECU itself with my multimeter by carefully tracing the wires.

    So what the hell could it be? I don't know what to try next... I'm getting pretty sad here!

    Perhaps if I could get the TEST wires working it would give me a code, but I don't know what's causing that not to work.

    Am I looking at a faulty ECU here? I certainly hope not, I'm really hoping this is just something I've done whilst replacing the sprag... it would seem a big coincidence otherwise. And an expensive one.

    No spark = No joy

    Thanks a lot for any help folks. Free crankshaft locking tool and flywheel puller to the man who puts his finger on it!

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    you checked the coils for resistance, cool. did you check to see if they were getting power on the hot side? one side is battery power the other is trigger. check for power, with key on, then check for trigger impulse while cranking. let us know.

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    Is the fuel pump activating?
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    Fuel pump wasn't activating! For some reason I didn't clock this fact though...

    Turned out that the "ignition relay" had blown, which is a little relay near the rear lights which evidently turns off the injection and spark when it stops working...

    I had wrongly assumed it was an indicator flasher and therefore mostly ignored it!

    Sorted that and the bike fired up instantaneously! Thanks for the help guys.

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    great news and simple fix.

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    Yeay! That's one to look out for.

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