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Thread: tire wear.....

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    tire wear.....

    I have had my Atlantic 500 since May of last year, and I have over 6,600 miles on my original Maxxis tires. Some say they have only gotten about 3-4,000 miles on their rear tire. That does sound discouraging. I seem to try and always start out easy on the throttle, until I reach about 35-40 before accellerating harder. I enjoy everyones input and hope I can help out in some way.

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    I think you must be the record holder so far! I have yet to hear of anyone else with more than 4000 miles from the rear!!

    What speeds do you travel at? Since tyre wear increases with temperature, I suspect that tyre wear will rise the faster you go. Which would account for the rapid wear in my case!

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