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Thread: Injector seals

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    Injector seals

    Hey guys,
    i have an intermitant splutter/lean missfire, i suspecting a part blocked injector so i'm gonna whip em off and take them to my local garage who does injector servicing, just wondering what gaskets/o-rings i should need incase they need replacing, has anyone done this, is there a gasket set availiable, do they even need changing? thanks in advance, oh and any part numbers would be greatly appreciated, 2000 uk rsv-r ( shape)

    Cheers Stu

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    I haven't taken a close look at ours, but all the other's I've worked with just used a simple o-ring. Your's should still be ok.
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    you need to disassemble the throttle body to remove the injectors. be very careful with the gaskets for the side plates as they are paper/fiber and i don't believe they are available by themselves. you will also need new 12mm crush washers for the fuel line.


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