I'm aware about past time from last post here
Fully agree with above but... ;-)
...decided to spent some amount and effort to make SC250ie much better. Truth is that I could buy much better bike for spent money but this wasn't my goal. Main modification:
I swap engine (actually rear end) with Bev350ie engine and get 33hp instead stock 22hp. Put Polini hi-speed variator for better delivery of power to rear wheel. Put Puig sport visor for comfort and better aerodinamic. Put 300grams handlebar weight from Bev300.
...and next is fixing front fork performance. After taking fork apart and measure I found that Racetech gold valve fork emulator FEGV S3501 would fit. Additional 6 holes for high speed compression would be added to damping rod, oil with more weight and new harder springs.
As I said I'm aware it's now "slightly illegal", "little bit" expensive and that's many my working hours and effort spent but now is helly fun to ride it in city traffic and shorter trips;-))