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Thread: What are the differences in 2000, 2000.5-2002 Mille?

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    ed apriliaforum com

    What are the differences in 2000, 2000.5-2002 Mille?

    European 1999 bikes came to the USA in very late 1999, and were called 2000 bikes. They are actually 1999 Euro bikes, and were available in only 2 colors (a black/grey/silver combo and a rare Rossi blue/red combo). There was no 1999 Mille R, just the base model. These 1999 (2000USA) bikes came with rubber brake lines, red painted calipers, different heel guards, and were missing an external idle adjustment knob, and were also missing a front cylinder vacuum port used for synching the TB.

    During the first part of 2000, the USA started getting real 2000 Euro bikes. We Americans called these bikes the 2000.5 model. This also when the Mille R was introduced. The base model came in 3 colors (gloss black, gloss yellow, and gloss red), while the Mille R only came in gloss black. These bikes had minor updates over the previous versions. The base models and the R models now came with gold-painted calipers, steel braided lines, a real idle adjust knob, and a vacuum port for the front cylinder. The throttle cables have also been re-routed. Bodywork (except paint), engine, and frame remained the same as the 1999 Euro version.

    Then came the 2001 model year. The 2001 European model had significant changes to the bodywork, gas tank, headlights, frame geometry, brakes, dash panel, switches, and the engine. The motor was raised in the frame a few mm, and the head angle changed slightly. The gauges went to a orange backlight color. They started getting the new 4-pad Brembo brakes. The new engine featured bigger valves and a revised cam grind. The 2001 base model was available in flat black, gloss red, or a light blue color. The R was available in a flat black or gloss yellow color scheme. The USA 2001 bikes received all the major updates except the new engine. We got the 2000 engine in the 2001 frame and bodywork. All 2001 base model bikes did not come with a steering damper, only the R came with a steering damper (Ohlins).

    Then came the 2002 model year. Same frame and bodywork (except paint) as the 2001 bikes, but the USA finally gets the updated "big valve" motor in the 2002 USA bikes. The base model is available in 3 colors (flat black, silver, and red), while the R came in flat black or gloss yellow.

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    Wonderful information, thank you.

    In your vast body of knowledge, do you think you could obtain the engine torque and HP specs for the various years/models?

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    Ricky J

    Refresher Course

    Since people are asking again, back to top!

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    99/00 colors

    I have a '00 Mille in silver/red/cobalt blue color. I have been told that this is a rare color for this bike. Do you have any knowledge of this?

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    Re: 99/00 colors

    When I bought my Mille (August, 1999) the Dealer's allotment was 3 bikes: 2 in the Red/Blue/Silver and 1 in the Gloss Black/Grey Silver (which I bought).

    When I went back for the initial service, he had just recieved another 3 bikes, all in the Red/Blue/Silver.

    Someone once told me the Red/Blue/Silver was rare as well, but I see that color scheme on my travels fairly often. I have only ever seen one other Gloss Black/Grey/Silver - in Daytona, 2 years ago.

    My dealer called me about 1.5 years ago and asked if I wanted to sell my bike because someone came in looking specifically for the Gloss Black/Grey/Silver and he remembered me.

    These 1999 (2000US) bikes have already been called "The Classic Style" and with any luck, they will be collector bikes in the near future. Now if only the resale prices reflected it....

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    Ed's description is so good that it is worth keeping it at the top of this forum....

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    So , therefore............

    2015 Caponord Rally !

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    From a 2001 press release

    Aprilia’s “flagship”, updated, modified and further improved with over 200 modifications. Increased power and performance. New design and new solutions based on the experience acquired in SBK racing, confirm this motorbike as the “fastest mass produced twin on the track”.

    APRILIA RSV Mille (Year 2001 Model)

    The originality of the technical solutions, the systematic use of features borrowed from the racing department and, above all, the passion and commitment invested in making each detail exclusive, have all made the Aprilia RSV Mille a sporting, commercial and image success, a tribute to Aprilia’s most significant heritage and a reward for its courage.
    A motorbike with an exceptionally high-tech content, characterised by high constructional quality and a unique and unmistakable design.

    The RSV Mille represents a major change on the high capacity supersports motorbike scene.
    In just two years, Aprilia has reached a level of sales well above expectations, with around 11,000 bikes sold world-wide.

    The RSV Mille has more than once proved that it is worthy of the title of the “best mass produced motorbike for track use”.
    For 2001, the Aprilia RSV Mille has been updated and further improved.

    A motorbike like the RSV Mille is subject to the constant evolution of racing bike technology, and must thus follow a cycle of continual development, highlighting its sporting characteristics and constantly increasing its performance and technological content.

    Much more than a simple “restyling”, the new Aprilia RSV Mille has undergone a major upgrade, both technically and aesthetically, with over 200 modified parts in respect to the previous version.

    Technically, the changes have been focussed on the complete and total optimisation of the product, increasing its power and performance, raising the already very high level of finish and quality, and transferring the experience and solutions acquired in the Superbike world championships, the two projects (road and track) being born and developed together.
    The new version boasts 130 HP to the shaft and a top speed of over 280 km per hour, a real reference point for production twins.
    The enhanced handling (thanks to the new weight distribution) of the new version RSV Mille allows all riders to extend their own limits, in complete safety.

    Aesthetically, the aim has been to define the design of the motorbike as more aggressive, modern and extreme, in line with technical developments and trends in the segment.


    In reality the motorbike has undergone an almost complete restyling, without however breaking with the lines and constructive philosophy of a motorcycle built around the rider.

    Aerodynamics remain the point of reference (as confirmed by wind tunnel tests:
    raising performance, protecting the rider and eliminating all annoying turbulence which, as well as being tiring, disturbs the ride of the bike), yet the design is now defined by more aggressive and marked lines, with the rider even more perfectly integrated with the machine.

    The following are the main aesthetic changes (in respect to the previous model RSV mille):
    new, lower tank, shortened and improved to better accommodate the rider and facilitate movement on the saddle
    ergonomically-improved and more comfortable rider and passenger saddle, integrated with the new design
    front fairing and windshield further improved aerodynamically, and now also more aggressive
    new side fairing and side air ducts
    undersaddle side panels with air outlets
    new rear fairing, taillight support, saddle cover base and saddle cover (with rear cushion)
    new headlight
    new turn indicators

    The new colour combinations and new graphics also help make the restyling of this new version even more evident. The following new colour schemes are available:

    Devil black / fluo red
    hot red/black
    electric blue/black


    The 60 degree V twin engine remains a precise point of reference in terms of performance, reliability, compactness and lightness. The engine has seen major modifications, with the aim of increasing torque and power levels (from 128 to 130 HP to the shaft), while maintaining smooth and progressive delivery, and further reducing noise and vibrations.

    The choice of the 60° V twin guarantees a light and compact engine and allows the development of mechanical components of the highest level, with optimum weight distribution.

    As a result, the new version features all the technical characteristics of the Aprilia twin that have helped the RSV Mille reach a series of important sporting and commercial objectives:
    longitudinal 60° V twin engine, timing with 4 valves per cylinder and double cam shaft in cylinder head controlled by mixed gear/chain system;
    electronic fuel injection (modified and updated)
    CDI type ignition with a TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) system, using 2 spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition is controlled by the engine’s integrated control system, which also controls injection.
    dry crankcase lubrication, using a second recovery trochoidal pump and an external oil reservoir (as well as a radiator located in front of the engine). As a result, the engine block is more rigid and compact than with a “wet crankcase” system, totally eliminating the risk of poor engine lubrication during sudden acceleration/declaration or wheelies;
    mixed gear/chain timing. The pair of gears (one for each timing chain) in the engine block enables the size of the cylinder heads to be reduced;

    The sophisticated twin is completed by a number of exclusive Aprilia patents:
    the AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft) double balancing countershaft
    power-assisted hydraulic controlled clutch covered by the patented PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch), to control rear wheel bounce during hard braking.

    The many modifications made to the engine include a radical overhaul and optimisation of the head and piston of the engine:
    the intake camshafts have been modified, raising the cam lifts by 0.8 mm
    the diameter of the intake valves has been increased by 2 mm
    the intake pipes have been completely redesigned around the new cams and valves
    the pistons have been redesigned in profile, to both accommodate the new intake valves and optimise performance
    the dynamic flows in the filter housing have been modified according to the changes in the cylinder heads and pistons
    the new intake hose, now made from rigid material, housing a resonator designed to reduce intake noise, has allowed the diameter of intake manifold of the filter housing to be increased from 38 mm in the previous version, to the current 58 mm
    clearly new is the injection mapping, with considerable care having been paid to improving smooth operation at low engine revs
    The result of these changes sees maximum power increased from 128 to 130 HP (to the crankshaft), power which is always ready to be exploited, being delivered fully and smoothly at all engine revs.

    The clutch now has a new spring drive (with an activation curve which is no longer linear, but rather progressive, according to the engine torque applied), with the aim of improving smooth operation and noise levels above all at low engine revs. The shape of the support surfaces of the disks and the lubrication of the entire clutch assembly have also been modified, in order to improve adhesion, activation and life-span, and to reduce the force required on the lever.

    2001 models delivered delivered to the USA did not get any of the engine and clutch upgrades. USA got the new engine starting with the 2002 year model.


    The frame of Aprilia RSV Mille is defined as a “masterpiece of motorcycle engineering”. Made from a double aluminium and silicon alloy beam, the frame has been confirmed as having the highest degree of torsional strength for a production motorbike.

    Despite being aesthetically similar to the previous version, fundamental modifications have been made:

    higher engine mount positions (+ 5 mm compared to the previous version, the result of SBK racing experience). The new engine position, 5 mm higher, has meant an improved concentration of weight around the motorbike’s centre of gravity, as well as better handling and speed of entry into curves, making it easier to hold the set trajectory.
    swingarm pivot raised by 3 mm over the previous version, in order to optimise chain tension and, as a consequence, improve traction
    completely redesigned frame plate to allow the higher position of the engine on the frame and accommodate the swingarm pivot, raised by 3 mm over the previous version
    the steering angle has been changed from 24.5_ to 25_, to ensure correct weight distribution and the right distance between the centre of the wheel and the centre of gravity of the engine
    new stand attachment position (higher), to increase the distance from the ground when hanging-off

    The basic version of the new Aprilia RSV Mille also sees the elimination of the steering damper, in that the new trim means this component, which may even make the bike heavier to ride in certain conditions, is no longer required.


    The new Aprilia RSV Mille features Showa upside-down front suspension with 43 mm diameter sleeves, hydraulically adjustable in preload, compression and rebound; wheel travel 120 mm.
    In respect to the assemblies used on the previous version of the RSV Mille, the end stop has been changed (designed for track use, it is progressively activated during very hard braking) and features new adjustments and settings.

    The rear suspension features a new and even more effective Sachs integrated aluminium shock absorber with “piggy back”, hydraulically adjustable in preload, compression, rebound and length.
    The rear suspension linkages are also new (both single and double conrods), the result of Superbike racing experience, with the aim of improving the progressiveness and effectiveness of the shock absorber, both on the road and on the track.

    The availability of multiply-adjustable suspension allows all riders to make their own ideal settings, and to quickly and easily adjust the riding characteristics of the motorbike to their tastes, the type of road or track, and the type of use, without requiring the costly replacement of components for track use.


    The exhaust system has been completely modified and optimised, with the aim of reducing its weight (by around 1.5 kg), increasing performance and reducing noise.

    In particular:
    each manifold has a new layout, with the intersection between them having been modified (both in shape and position); this optimisation also involves the diameter of the silencer inlet pipes, in order to get as near as possible to a perfect constant conical cross-section

    Like the engine changes above the USA did not get the new headers till 2002

    the silencer has a new internal layout, a new support and a guard on the inlet pipe, in order to prevent accidental contact between the pipe itself and the rider’s boots

    In countries where required by specific legislation, an oxidising catalytic converter is available, with no loss in performance in respect to the “non-catalysed” version and offering a drastic reduction in polluting emissions.


    The front brakes are completely new, Brembo “Gold Series”. This is undoubtedly the most prestigious and technologically advanced production-approved system currently available on the market. Featuring 320 mm diameter stainless steel double floating disk, reduced braking band (to reduce weight and inertia) and exclusive Aprilia designed six-spoke centring.
    Also new are the four-pot callipers, 34 mm in diameter with 4 separate pads (a solution used for racing), made from sintered material and extremely rigid (thanks to the central connection above the pads).
    An effective and highly reliable system, meaning significantly reduced stopping distance, great feel and gradual action, and resistance to wear.

    The rear brakes are also Brembo “Gold Series”, with 220 mm diameter stainless steel disk and two-pot calliper, 32 mm in diameter.
    Brake pads made from sintered material and metal braid brake lines, based on aeronautical technology, are used for both the front and rear brakes.


    the new fuel tank is made from special resins. This has allowed a significant reduction of the weight of the tank, through the use of a material which is ideal for the track, being more resistant than sheet metal to small bumps, scratches, etc. The fuel tank filler cap is also new, with a flat chrome-finish machined ring nut
    new aluminium rider and passenger footrests, redesigned to increase grip
    the “basic” version also uses the steering stem block of the “R” model
    the riveted link has also been added to the “basic” version, so as to increase safety on the road and the track
    digital-analogue multi-function dashboard incorporating injection auto-diagnosis and 40-memory chronometer, operated by the passing signal (flash of the headlight), featuring new graphics and amber lighting (easier to read in different light, and a decidedly sporting look)
    new turn indicators, more clearly visible and already approved for the USA version
    new, lighter battery
    the headlight, made from plastic to ensure lightness and optimum weight balance in a critical zone for ridability, has been modified aesthetically and seen the addition of the internal parabola frame. New H7 bulbs and internally redesigned parabola. The functional characteristics remain the depth and width of the light beam, together with the excellent intensity and homogeneity of the illumination.

    2003 saw changes to the tail section and a close ratio gear set was fitted. The "R" model brakes were upgraded to radial mounted calipers.

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    Good Information

    Very helpful information. I have a RSV millie R 2000 I saw the stamp on the frame for 1999, now I understand. The color is gloss Black, White and Red. It also has the later updated verison that you stated that came along later. I was wondering if this bike was special order.

    When I purchased it used and it had 8,000 miles on it.

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    In 2002, was the Mille R available in an all white color scheme?

    There's one local to me for sale, I'm thinking about buying it... I've never seen a White mille before.

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    No white Mille for the entire run from 98 thru 03.

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    Just wondering if you could confirm the Engine the Falco uses? From what I understand its the original RSV engine... but if you can confirm it?

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    apriliaforum Member sl1000's Avatar
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    and is there a difference in the engines of the '00, '01, '02 or later falco's???
    black '05 factory. a dream to own, and it feels like heaven to drive it
    Blue '01 Falco. Just for pure & evil fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl1000 View Post

    and is there a difference in the engines of the '00, '01, '02 or later falco's???
    I know the falco's all have the same engine but which one of these I cant tell you

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    all Falcos use the 2000 Mille engine but with a different shift drum inside.

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