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Thread: lowering kit mana 850

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSolk View Post
    There are multiple lowering options so why do you doubt it could be done? Multiple people have already done it myself included until i raised the bike a half inch above stock after grinding down my already shortened sidestand taking quick left handers. Nothing like that stand acting as a pivot point mid corner! Mind you it was on a track but if i had to make a quick left turn i always worried about running out of clearance. What is iffy about the hyperpro lowering shock?

    No offense but what a ridiculous generalization... target market is females? Says who? Why, because it is clutchless lol. Jeez you sound like most harley riders I meet lmao. Any motorcycle is transgender I have seen women on BMW touring bikes unable to do anything but slide half their body off to get a toe down and guys on a 50 c scooter. We have already had someone on the forum who assumed clutchless=girls bike. If memory serves she crashed into a tree or something pulling away from a corner and blamed the bike.

    I would guess Mana ownership is at least 80% male based on the forums and you don't build a bike to fit a person. You build a bike to optimize it. I can tell you unequivocally the Mana handles better at stock heights or even a bit higher than stock than lowered. I am 5'6 and went from lowering the bike to raising it for handling and ground clearance. Frankly, you don't need to flat foot a bike. In fact some bikes you are lucky to get ONE toe down lol. I get toes down on the Mana and in some instances one foot flat and the other on the peg.

    If you think about it when we shorten our bikes we change the way it rides to make it easier for us when stopped... Personally I would rather have the optimum handling when moving not stopped. I tried shortening didn't like it at all if you can't tell

    Good luck whatever you decide.
    Errr? Paul? Save the keyboard! Anyone who works on the principle that a bike is a 'Girls' bike because its an auto works on such a narrow set of parameters that they probably think McDonalds and Pizza Hut are 'Food'

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    I don't think the Mana was designed for "scooteristas" moving up, or to accommodate women, short people, handicapped riders or any of the above. It is a sport touring bike that weighs 500 pounds and uses a sophisticated seven-speed automatic transmission based on motor scooter design. Honda won the prestigious Moto GP for the last two years in a row with a motorcycle that incorporates a seven-speed automatic transmission that is based upon more conventional design, but a seven-speed automatic, nonetheless. So the idea that an automatic is for less accomplished riders has no merit. Aprilia won the prestigious World Super Bike class in '09 and '10 with a motorcycle that corners extremely well compared to others and that seems to be the case with the Mana as well. I believe the Mana was designed for the average motorcycle rider 5'9" to 6'1" who enjoys SPORT TOURING. If it appeals to other types of riders, so much the better.

    Judging by the owners on this forum, some people think the Mana was designed for women (at 500 pounds?). Some think it was designed for handicapped people (and I say it works well for this, depending on the handicap). Some think it is designed for scooter riders (and it is good for this, so they can see the advantages of a motorcycle over a small-wheeled scooter), but it's not really for them either. So, it's an argument that will go on for years, but the fact is that lowering the bike will always have an effect, and in this case, it compromises the lean angle. I suppose if you don't corner hard, or ever anticipate having to do so, it doesn't matter, but be warned that when you need it the most, a lowered bike will ground out. I guess it just depends on where you're coming from.

    Just my 2 cents.
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