i have installed rick coil and compufire rectifier for about 3-4months ago..

since then.. the charging looks good.. on idle without load 13.5-13.8 take it out for riding on 5000-6000rpms i got very strong 13.8-13.9 like a stone.. it shows from koso slim voltmeter.. (didnt connect all the headlights, only 2 small dimmed lights)

tried reconnect the headlight backed but only 1 side lowbeam.. the charging shows 12.8-12.9 on idle.. at 5000-6000rpms.. i get 13.3-13.6v..

reconnect both headlight (lowbeam).. on idle it shows very low charging 11.5-11.9.. and will never recharging to high voltage... runs it at 5000-6000rpms and above.. it charged to 12.3-12.6 only.. once stopped at the traffic light.. the battery slowly drops back to low voltage 11.5-11.8v from 12.4++v.. (wondering what is gonna happens if the fan kicked in as well on the same time :'( )

why it didnt charge on idle even the battery became so weak and does it normal with compufire rectifier???