the incident i referred to was about 30 years ago.... now almost everyone has
gone to the Harvard Business School / Madison Avenue model for businesses;

hire engineers right out of college; they've never sharpened a pencil on their own....but they are good at video games

use the cheapest components; think how much they saved on electrical connectors on our biked... what? $5 a bike

hire programmers that know NOTHING about the fuel requirements of motors

Never study you will be doomed to repeat it

engineers are like male dogs they just have to piss on the fire hydrant, never mind that there was an engineering solution for the problem years ago.

remember the words of Boss Kettering "parts left out never break and don't cost anything"

believe in Murphy's Law.....the extra shit will bite you

Chris look at the cush drive could it have more parts in it? its rotating unsprung weight the worst thing
just Aprilia? Nope, all the Jap bike have similar anchors!

why do bikes have remote reservoirs on the front brake and clutch?

Yamaha R-1s & R-6s have a rubber washer BETWEEN the jam nuts on the steering stem!
Yamaha OW-31s like Kenny Roberts rode the front of the motor is RUBBER mounted the rear is SOLID, it either breaks the frame or the cases!

it takes 7 wrenches to change the oil & filters on my KTM!

the spin on oil filter on a Moto Guzzi is IN the oil pan!

my BMW 1150GS has ABS AND a mechanical speedo that the drive gear FALLS out of when you change tires!

i'm a lifetime member of the Experimental Aircraft Assn.
you know that private plane that flies over your house?
the 4 cyl ones have a 3 bearing crankshaft
the 6 cyl ones have 4

but the crank has NO COUNTERWEIGHTS!!!!
they are statically balanced in a dynamic world, and shake themselves apart!! where do you think locknuts came from?

they put 4-24 inch long exhausts on them when they should be 8-9 feet long
they need to wear hearing protection too!

ever look inside the Packard Merlin out of a P-51 Mustang? combustion chamber looks like a can of car wax all the valves are parallel, designed to they added water/alcohol injection for 5 MINUTES of Emergency Military Power.....then you have to leave
all this exhaust, supercharging and anti-detonation stuff was worked out in the '20s by Sir Henry was important enough that he was KNIGHTED for it!!

Rheinflugzeugebau put a ring around the outside of a propeller and got 36% more thrust!!! does any body use the idea? nope

Douglas Corp. put a 9 bladed prop on one side of an MD-10, got more thrust, better fuel economy and it was quieter......did they use it ? Nope, because nobody wants to fly in a plane with a propeller!!!!!!

Don't know of Russ Collins????? he's in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
the designed, built and patented the machines for testing fuel injectors
here's a link;

Check your MAP sensor hoses and the 1 to the FPR too!