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Thread: '07 RSV1000 Tuono - Thermostatic valve

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    '07 RSV1000 Tuono - Thermostatic valve

    Howzit All,

    I have an '07 rsv1000 tuono. The connector pipe running down the right side of the radiator and fitting into the thermostatic valve has recently started leaking some of the radiator fluid out of the two connection points, top and bottom; mostly when I start the engine first thing in the morning, thou' I noticed my right boot had some fluid on it after riding, too. It's winter here and although the bike is in my garage over night, it's still cold in there. It has been said to me that maybe it's leaking slightly due to the contraction of the pipes where they connect. When the bike heats up the leakage seems to stop.
    However, the temp gauge does seem to indicate that the temp of the engine rises more quickly than normally when the engine is running but the bike is not in motion. Perhaps loss of fluid is contributing but I wonder if there is a problem with the thermostat/valve, or other?

    Any one with any similar experience and feedback, please?

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    Almost everyone here has experienced leaking hoses with the stock clamps.

    Replace any leaking stock click-type clamps with high quality worm drive clamps with smooth bands. AF1 has a very nice kit.

    Make sure the bands are smooth, no sharp edge where the two ends meet, and that the worm gear does not protrude into the band itself, where it can gouge the hoses.

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