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Thread: New member of the Aprilia Owners Club

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    New member of the Aprilia Owners Club

    After looking around a little, doing some research and getting answers to ride height and passenger seats (thanks to those who answered it), I pulled the trigger and got myself a new-to-me 2004 RSV1000 Factory with 3600 miles on the clock. Picked it up yesterday afternoon and have had fun with it thus far. Quite the contrast compared to my old Honda CBR600F4.

    After about 50 miles of riding it, my initial impressions are:

    It's fast. Really fast. The torque from the V-twin is so deceptive when you're used to an I4. The engine seems like it is loafing along, but you look down at the speedo and you're already at some barely legal speed. Overtaking is incredibly simple.

    Now I haven't really had much seat time in something like a CBR1000, GSX-R1000 or other literbike, but at this point I really can't see the need for that extra 20 or so horsepower that they have. I mean, I can't even use the 600 to it's potential on the track let alone the street, so my initial impressions are that it's really just bragging rights as far as the hp numbers are concerned. On the track, in the hands of an experienced rider (which I'm not - at least as far as the track is concerned), I'm sure there's a visible difference, but I'm a long way from that level.

    Handling/responsiveness: wow! It is both incredibly stable and extremely responsive all at the same time. You set a line and it will hold it; you can make mid-corner adjustments very easily if you need to. At the same time, just shifting your body around will have an effect on the bike so you need to be careful of random body movements. This is all on the stock settings, so once I've got it dialed in for me I'm sure it will be even better.

    I definitely need to be careful with traffic lights and stops. It isn't as bad with my riding boots on, but I still need to pay attention to it. Hopefully lowering it a little will solve that particular problem.

    And, of course, pics for clicks:

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    congrats on your new bike! same as mine

    first thing, get looking for some after market pipes to get it sounding right (don't forget map change). well worth it.

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    congrats and welcome to the forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by ckruzel View Post
    congrats and welcome to the forum
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