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Thread: a bit of a ride...

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    a bit of a ride...

    Well as the tiltle sugests we are off on our trip to spain tomorrow, thought i'd post up our plans just in case we never make it back. Yep you read right SPAIN! London to Bilbao in around 11-12 days we hope, thats when the ferry back, is booked anyway. About 1300kms in total give or take a few should be one hell of a ride. What started off a year or so back as a drunken dare has finally become a reality. The two of us, on ditechs, that have been rebuilt from cheap non running scoots bought from ebay, wish us luck as i'm sure we are going to need it!
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    I'm sure you can do it I wish to be there with you!!

    Enjoy your ride, take care of you and your machines, and take some pics to show us your expedition!

    Have a f*&?"$ nice trip!

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    Yes, tell us all about the drinks, women, and of course show some pics!

    Maybe some videos too.
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