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Thread: Carbon Body Parts

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    Carbon Body Parts

    Whlie surfing <a href="" target="top"></a> I noticed they have single seat cowls for RSV Mille..... & I was wondering if the Mille & Falco SingleSeat Cowls were interchangeable? :evil:

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    I don't believe that the cover would work on the Falco. The cowl for the Falco has that pointed tail that slides under the ledge near the grab handles. The pillion cover for the Mille is more sqaure in shape.

    There was a previous post about carbon parts available direct from Aprilia. The post had pictures of a yellow Falco with carbon side fairings, bellypan , front/rear fender, and the seat cover.

    Check the links page. I believe this information is available on someone's Falco site.

    Ride safe.

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