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Thread: Here's an engine to horseshoe into the 250!

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    Here's an engine to horseshoe into the 250!

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    new engine...

    Now thats a cool engine for a custom RS... I wonder if it could be de-tuned a bit to get longer life out of the engine... lets face it 180BHP does not sit well in the stiff-frame RS250 type chassis (just ask the cube riders) ... With that amount of HP the teams try to build flexibility into the frame to make the handling less all-or-nothing. I guess de-tuning to 120BHP would be a good figure - still twice the HP of the stock, but the engine should last a lot longer (than one MotoGP race)

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    This is a total scam... he registered in the United Kingdom... the motor is in Canada..... DUH!!!! I've already E-mailed him and he couldn't answer any questions.... and here is his name and address:

    Drgfdk Fkofdk <>

    This guy just went to Red Bull's page and ripped it off:

    Run away....

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    Good eye, Randy. Beautiful engine though!
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    Check out "sellers other items"
    He's selling a BMW with UK plates and he's in Canada???
    Very dodgy, fed up seeing these scammers on ebay.

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    Definitely a scam but I got into the Red Bull index and there are a lot of cool pics.

    Here is the page they were lifted from...OMG you guys have to see this link, there are things indescribable...2-stroke Nirvana.
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    This guy is so stupid he is using the images hosted on Red Bull's site and isn't hosting them on his own or having ebay host them.

    The guys over at red bull could have some fun with him by changing the images he is linking to... maybe post a warning that the guy is a scam.

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    just to make everybody green with envy i got a tour through the redbull pit at the 99 aus gp at P.I by the aussie mechanic (cant remember his name) who had been helping my mechanic here in aus. got to sit on Mcoys bike n all.
    oh yeah ner ne na na na na

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    I sent him a email querying the authenticity of the sale and engine, he replyed.

    "Dear Sir,
    If you want to buy the engine please give me your full name and address and send you the engine,

    "Yes Sir,
    The engine is brand new,

    Sounds like a scam, feel sorry for the wood ducks biding on it though.

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    The BMW is brand new with 86000 miles!
    He will drive it to you (over the Atlantic Ocean?) :Spankie: Maybe James Bond used to own it.
    Tax and MOT over a year out of date handy.

    So in summary

    PS. Can't match the McCoy pit tour, buit a consellation prize, I had a tour though KRjr and Gibernau pit a few years ago. They wouldn't let me take picture of the bike pulled down. I thought "what, so the opposition can learn how to build a bike to come 20th"

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