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Thread: Alloy rear sprockets

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    Alloy rear sprockets

    I've just replaced my original chain and sprockets with a steel front 15 tooth (which I had before), 41 tooth alloy rear and x-ring chain. The mileage at the change was 14250 miles, so I thought that was pretty good seing as they still had a bit life in them, but as I was about to escape for a 4 day mega blast I thought it prudent to change them before I left. Having now put on a further 1400 miles I am a wee bit alarmed that the rear sprocket is showing visible signs of wear (teeth begining to hook). I understand that an alloy sprocket is not going to be as hard wearing as a steel one but the question is - is this the norm for alloy rear sprockets or should I be complaining to Talon about it. After all the OEM Afam rear steel spocket was showing about the same wear after more than 14000 miles. I am thinking it would be a good idea to replace the alloy rear with a steel one before it shags the new chain.

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    I replaced my stock sprockets ~2500 miles ago. I took a look at how they were holding up last weekend while washing the bike. The rear (alloy) still looks great, almost new. In the past, I ran an alloy rear sprocket on my YZF1000 and it held up fine for well over 6000 miles. I might not be the hardest rider in the world, but an alloy sprocket should last more than 1400 miles.

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    alloy/steel/titanium rear sprocket

    I love my stealth rear sprocket, alloy carrier, steel teeth, ti pinned.
    Light, durable & trick looking!

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