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Thread: Tuono Ignition problem: Fixed

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    Smile Tuono Ignition problem: Fixed

    Hi to those of you who read my previous question regarding a problem I had with my Tuono 1000R 2007 (my rear cylinder stopped working). It was the CDI unit (or the "computer"). My dealer replaced it and I am back on the streets again. The bike only spent two days in the dealer.

    One last comment: before contacting my dealer I went to my old mechanic (who used to service my Honda), and in about one hour, with out the aprilia diagnostic tool, and without seen an aprilia in his life before, was able to diagnose the problem. And he was very sure about it. That is one good mechanic.


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    There is no substitute for a foundational understanding of the reciprocating engine. If you know the basics and know them well, then the computers and diagnostic tools are gravy and will pinpoint the issues. If you don't know them, all the computers in the world won't help.
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