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Thread: 2008 SXV Observable Differences

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    2008 SXV Observable Differences

    So, last night I got to see a 2008 SXV parked outside the Dainese store. Here's what I could clearly see was different:

    Black plastics - biggest change
    Emissions stuff everywhere - Fosters-size can on left and Coke can size on right sides of motor.
    Bigger fuel tank - the one everyone's ordering now
    different/slightly wider seat red on top/black on sides
    New graphics including new AGIP sticker on swingarm
    New Turnsignals - same crappy breakable style, but longer posts and different shape
    License plate light on plate hanger approx 6" down from taillight

    I'd like to know what's actually different in the motor - perhaps addressing reliability oil/water/starter issues if anyone knows more than just hearsay.

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    08 SXV front brake lever not interchangeable with earlier SXV's.
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