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Thread: Knowledge Repository - SR50 Ditech Tuning

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    Knowledge Repository - SR50 Ditech Tuning

    Let me know if you find any other usefull Tuning Threads

    Part Orders

    Online Stores


    Color Workshop book for the '05-'07 Factory models

    Quick Workshop Handbook (Pre 2005) or List of Many Different Models

    Color Coded Electrical Diagram (Easy to Use)

    Agip Cross 2T vs Castrol TTS


    Variator, roller weights and contra spring mechanics for dummies! Learn how it works

    Advice before I change my spring and weights?

    Rollers And Contra Spring

    Torque Spring Slider & Variator Torque Spring Bearing - Didn't fit (pics and dimensions)

    Roller Weight Tuning


    Read this...before you buy that pipe!

    How the exhaust works

    How much does a pipe do for a DITECH?

    which exhaust?

    Gianelli Reverse

    Tecnigas RS

    Leo Vince ZX vs. Gianelli Reverse


    Adjustable fuel pressure mod

    Throttle Body Modification

    Polini and Malossi 70cc

    Malossi Cylinder Modding thread

    Reeds: VL12 or VL14 @ Di-tech (morini)

    BOYESEN reeds - Mission Impossible...

    ECU re-mapping

    Success with TC/70cc BBK/Stock ECU

    Max Feul pressure @ 50 cc

    malossi ecu with 50cc & TC-Unit

    Max's FAQ : 70 mapping ( Malossi ECU or TC-Unit) @ 50 cc


    About Crankcases


    Installing new rear end gears-STEP BY STEP w/PICS, and performance results!

    Gearing Comparison

    Gearing, Max Speed and 70cc


    New racing rear shock absorber & Performance Ditech rear shocks in stock

    Air Filter

    Shortening length of airbox tube (increase performance?)


    Sparkplug Comparisons


    Performance parts worth buying

    The Single Best Upgrade Component to Buy for the SR50

    Power Commander
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