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Thread: Rear Brake light switch broken

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    Angry Rear Brake light switch broken

    The rear brake light switch is stuck so the light stays on. I have not dismantled the thing yet but it doesn't appear to be fixable. Any body have a ny clues on repairs??? I have no dealer for hundreds of miles and would have to order in a part. Always a pain in the Butt.

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    It most likely moved so the lever cannot contact it solidly, so it thinks the lever is pressed all the time. It screws in/out of its mount, so you should be able to adjust it back into spec.

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    The plunger does not feel like it is moving. I can pull the lever away from the plunger so no contact. I then discoverd I have to remove the rear cowling to trace the wire so I could remove the switch. At that time it was a beauiful day and said heck on it.

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    The bottom of the brake switch is made of soft brass and can bur over causing the pin to sick. Mine was damaged beyond repair and a replacement was hard to come-by so I fitted a calliper banjo with a built in light switch.

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