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Thread: Expansion tank : my 5 month old son did help me!

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    Expansion tank : my 5 month old son did help me!

    Building the Falcuono the expansiontank was a big thing to hate, didnt belong there! Wanted to place it out of sight, make it a real naked!
    Thanks to my 5 months old son I have a new one, which will make some mechanics laugh when lifting the tank....offcourse having a Renegade airkit did help too.

    Statement for the US : this bottle didnt he use anymore and he has multiple others , he will be getting his milk!

    Next step is the single RSV 04+ radiator to clean it up even more.
    At this moment I'm skipping the idea to mount a (Tuono) bellypan,to much plastic!
    I'm looking to mount a set of RSV04+ oilcoolers, they dont stick so much as the single stock one.Dont know they will fit due the different header, keep you posted!

    I know, maybe I'll better ordered a 04 bike anyway....

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    That's some funky juici juice you folks give to babies
    Where da booty at?

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    Cool mod. Which bring to mind, I'm having trouble with my cooling system. Seems to be blowing the coolant out of the expansion tank. I believe there's a valve to return coolant to the system, could this valve be bad? I do want to fix this before I overheat...

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    Love it.

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    That looks so cool...
    As to Tuono belly, just admit that you couldn't make it fit. It was just too difficult for you

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