Yep, it's time to head north (if ya live in Florida). Next Wednesday my buddy Tom (GS1150S) and I will head for north Georgia. I can only take a few days off so we're gonna truck the bikes up to Ellijay, Ga. ,spend the night with a friend who has a cabin there, and head out for twisty roads the next day. We plan three days of mountian roads in Georgia, Tenn. and N. Carolina. We're gonna hit all the "hot spots"; Deals Gap, Ga 180, Richard Russell Scenic Highway, BRP, and a little loop the locals call Thunder Road! Sounds just right for the Tuono R!

I've been looking for a good place to mount the GPS. I thought it would fit on that little shelf under the windscreen, but it's just a tad too big. Then I was going to make a bracket but never came up with a design I liked. Then it came to me ..... mount it on top of the tank bag. I'll post pictures when it's done, but I know it's gonna work! Cheap, light and simple.

Then it's back to Florida and finish the route for the Tampa Bay Aprilia Ride. We've got about 10 entries now; Futura, Flaco, Atlantic 500, Scarabeo 500 (it's really cool), RSV-Haga, Pegesso and my Tuono R. Aprilia and others are providing some nice gifts for everyone. We might have a few Ducati's show up, too.

We've had a long, hot summer in Florida but it's getting cooler every day and life is good!

At just under 6000 miles this bike is just awesome! We've had a few nice rides in the country but most of the mileage is back and forth to work. Now we're gonna get it on the way it was meant to be ....... this is what I live for.