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Thread: Any racers who also ride on the street?

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    Any racers who also ride on the street?

    Ricky J's comment about (I believe) Craig Connell not riding on the street is pretty typical of what I've heard about most racers. Riding on the street is too dangerous for them!

    I heard a story about Doug Chandler (who was riding for Kawasaki at the time) saying in an interview that "I never ride on the street, it's too dangerous!" Reportedly he and Kawasaki had a little talk after that...seems Kawasaki had an interest in selling street bikes.

    So anyone know of racers who also ride on the street?

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    Ricky J

    Wasn't Me

    I didn't make the remark about Craig Connell not riding but it's far from surprising. Some other racers like to just putt around on cruisers, probably because the temptation to go crazy on it is alot less. Easier groupie hauling too! One of our local trackday proprietors claims he's street ridden with Doug Chandler out here, and Doug had a ZX-9R at the time.

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    Racer's on the street

    Doug Chandler is a local (Bay Area) guy. He goes to Alice's once in a while during the off season. Other than him, it's usually some of the local AFM'ers that ride on the street (Scott Lavelle, Lance Williams, etc).

    But majority of them do stay off the street cause of iminent danger.

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    Racer on the street

    I race WSMC and ride on the street... BUT... I've dailed my street riding level WAY back. I dont ride near as hard on the street as I used to. Its just not worth it. If you go down at the track, the medics are right there. On the street, you are on yer own. Plus, there's usually TONS of run off at the track, were there are all kinds of hard things to hit on the street.

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    micah apriliaforum com

    Re: Racer's on the street

    I too have issues with street riding. Way more idiots on the street than the track. I started out as a very aggressive street rider with regular crashes and such. Then came the first track day....OMG, that was where it was at, I could ride like an idiot and after a 120+ mph crash, the ambualnce was there in like 20 seconds (complete with 10/350 Vicodans).....I was in love. I sold my big bikes one at a time and started racing small bore bikes. My first YSR50 Production race weekend I won several classes. I then started racing the Aprilia RS50 and cleaned up the first season.....ahh it was great. I just sold my last street bike recently and am not really looking back but, am buying a scooter to get the occasional fix on the street. Now that I am street bikeless I am looking for an 80's vintage Lotus Esprit Turbo to fill that void in the garage and soul.....if anyone has one to uload on the cheap side (less than $10,000) I am interested.

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    Re: Racer's on the street

    The brothers Bostrom have been quoted as having and riding street bikes, but not sport bikes. Personally I like to cruse the back roads and go to the local gatherings. My wife likes to cruise with me and still haven't been able to talk the Team Promotion guy's for a two up day.

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    street riding

    I think a lot of guys who race dont have time to ride street. If you do 2 track days/races per month, maybe three, that just ate up a lot of your weekends, when all of the good riding happens. And I ride dirt (YZ426) for practice on off weekends. It is hard to justify a bike payment and insurance payment for 1-2 weekends per month on top of race costs, track fees, maintenance, and tires. The 2 guys I do club level racing with do NOT ride street for expense reasons and that after running on the track the thrill is gone for street riding. I am considering ditching the 02 Mille R street bike for an R6/636 just to drop my payments so I can continue to race the other Mille and still have a street bike. <img src= ALT=":\">

    Besides, 90% of the guys on the street anymore just want to do wheelies with no helmet on and pose. Wheee....

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    Re: street riding

    I too would rather do track dayz then aggressive mountain riding. My last ticket was 150.00. That would pay for most track days.

    I also want a Lotus but each year they got better so I'm trying to wait til I can afford the last of the 4cyls of the v8. (probably in the $30K range).

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    Street riding

    If its racing season then my street riding is scaled way back. In off season and I'm riding more I'm most definitely riding at a mellow pace on the street. Then again its all relative as some would tell you my mellow pace is still pretty quick and my idea of annual mileage is still 35K+ miles a year on average.

    I think you'll find that racers have intimate knowledge of what riding at the limit is for them and know their comfort zone and just stay in that zone in the street environment. Pretty rare to see a racer freeze in a corner like many ricky racer street types.

    Chuck B
    00 Aprilia Mille "R" - Stage 1
    99 K1200LTC

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    Re: Street riding

    I started racing so that I wasn't doing stupid things on the street.

    I race at the track and ride on the street. I think of myself as a motorcyclist rather than just a racer. I enjoy the thrill of racing, but I also enjoy just cruising through the mountain roads and passes here in Colorado. Nothing beats an early fall morning ride up through Kenosha pass as the Aspens are turning gold and that fresh mountain air.....

    I love to ride.....

    I have a Ducati S4 for the street. That bike has never seen faster than 90, has 1 to 2" chicken strips on the tires. The only mods are exhaust pipes, no clips ons, rearsets or anything like that. I don't ride with a group of people especially non-racers as they generally escalate the pace during a casual ride. Not for me.

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    I guess I have a different experience than all of the above...

    Having done both and having ridden with both 'racers' and mountain guys, the results have been pretty consistent:

    The racers are faster on the tracks & the mountain guys are faster in the mountains. While the racers may know the limits of the bike a little more, they do not as a whole know how to stay in one lane or face obstacles (opposing traffic, lapped traffic, debris, animals, etc.) as well.

    On the flipside, mountain guys that are new to the track take less than ideal lines now that they have the 'whole' road at their disposal.

    As for me, I don't do trackdays any more. I admittedly don't have the attention span to ride the same 10-1X turns for an entire day. Been there, done that, crashed. I like the variety that the twisties have to offer -miles of tight stuff, high speed sweepers, etc. I also am pretty selective on who I ride with - that I have no control over at the track except for private track days.

    Yeah I do think the track is safer ultimately, but I also HATE with a passion the dikk-pulling bench racers on both ends. There are just as many posers at the track than on the street. Many go to the track simply to tell people "I ride on a track".

    To each his own I guess, but I'm sticking to the street.

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    When I raced regularly I rode 100% of the time on the track. I didn't even have a road bike.
    Now a sad and chronic lack of time, money and available tracks for bikes in Mexico put me back on the street (about a year ago) after more than a decade of track-only riding.
    I do prefer the track every time, all the time. If I could do it, I'd ride ONLY on the track. But not being able to do so, I prefer backroad riding than no riding at all.
    On the road I am one of the slowest riders around. If I feel like carving some corners at higher speed, I choose a section of road, go there very early in the morning and go forth and back once. Then attack it a little bit faster a few times.
    I am aware there is the chance for new hazards to appear in the time it takes me to go back there at a harder pace, but the risk is somehow lower. Or at least, I like to think it is...

    Ride hard and safe.

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    Hey there dude!
    How much do you want for your bike?
    F.Y.I ... Check out the Team Arizona website ... there is a track day (two actually) in the latter part of September at Arizona Motorsports Park. I rode it a little over a month ago. What an awsome track! It is easy on tires, challenging, and has plenty of run-off. If you can make it, let me know. You're welcome to crash at my place if you want to do both days. Steaks by the pool are always good after a track day!


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    Re: SKOOTER!!!

    Skooter & TSJ - You guys in AZ? I live in Peoria. I too have a YZ426 for the desert if you want to tear up the trails some day. I live about as far NW as you can go - I ride about 1/2 mile thru my subdivision and then I'm in the desert btwn Happy Valley and 74.


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    I live in AZ ... SKOOTER lives in N.M.
    I do at least one track day a month, and usually participate in street rides 1-2 weekends a month. I do not own a dirtbike .. have not had one since I was 18. If you would like to get together for a ride or a track day, then let me know. I usually ride with the PSC (Phoenix Sporbike Club) on the street .. hang out at the track with them as well. They are a great bunch of guys (and gals).
    You can reach me at :


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