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Thread: Hi... My project bike.. not quite a rs50 but..

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    Hi... My project bike.. not quite a rs50 but..

    Wel... Hello everyone lol. Im new ere, ive bin hooked up to for a bit but im in the process of changing bikes from a derbi senda to a motorhispania Furia, i kno its not quite a rs50 but they use the same engine so its close enough!

    Heres a link if you wana see the topic i made on derbi-club so you get a better idea of what it looked like (pics on page varies pages - new ones on page 9)
    Anywayz, so you dont have to read all that forum to learn about my bike i will cut it short. I brought the bike for £150 off ebay as a 'doer-upper' as a project. Ive bascaily striped it to a frame and 'restored' it.

    My setup (engine wise) is:
    Metrakit Sp 70 bore kit
    Dellorto 21mm carb
    Polini air filter
    Gianelli exhaust
    Carbon reeds

    I basically signed up to see wht you guys think and if ne one has a 'how-2' on replacing a clutch and whts the best 21mm intake to get and wher to get it from.

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    cant be assed reading all the pages but the first page is looking good

    got an up to date pic of it?

    oh and for the clutch at the top of your browser look for tech tips, theres an rs50 section with lots of engine stuff


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    o right cheers m8.

    These are the most up2 date pictures atm...

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