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    by Published on 03-26-2012 12:28 PM  Number of Views: 79139 
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    So now that we are finally getting the Tuono V4 here in the USA I am guessing the next few months are going to see a HUGE spike in the sale of Tuono V4 pipes from all manufacturers. This is a simple DIY thread about how to install you r own pipe in only a few minutes at home. Most of you probably need no guide but for those who are on the fence about whether or not this is something the average Joe/Jane can pull off at home hopefully this will help you decide. The first step is to get the bike secure, either on it's sidestand, a rear stand or a workbench. Most of the job is VERY straightforward but at least on the last two pipes I installed there was no real "manual" so I thought this might be of interest.

    I do not have pics from installation of the Akro/Aprilia/Arrow/Austin/GPR/etc ...