• AF1 Racing Awarded "Outstanding Dealer" for 2011

    This award was based on Sales, Parts, Service, Customer Service, and Commitment to Excellence for the Aprilia Brand.

    Congrats also to the team at Vespa Sherman Oaks for Vespa and also to Moto-International for Moto-Guzzi.

    AF1 Racing is looking forward to a repeat in 2012!
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    1. zvez's Avatar
      zvez -
      well deserved and don't think any of your customers are surprised
      congrats guys!
    1. sf250gto's Avatar
      sf250gto -
      Agree, completely deserved. Congratulations!
    1. blacow's Avatar
      blacow -
      Absolutely deserved. Congratulations Ed, Micah, and the rest of the AF1 Team.
    1. TimeBandit's Avatar
      TimeBandit -
      Congrats AF1! Big shout-out to Steve! Keep up the good work.
    1. Smitherz's Avatar
      Smitherz -
      AF1 is the best. I've never seen a nicer team running a shop.
    1. potere's Avatar
      potere -
      You AF1 guys obviously deserve this. How many times have I been in dealerships that talk trash about Piaggio's treatment of them. Every dealer must have their difficulties but AF1 has made the best of it and provided awesome service, advice and expertise.
    1. Twins's Avatar
      Twins -
      Congratulations to everyone at AF1 racing, I have never visited your store, however the service I recieve with parts sent to me in Australia has always been outstanding. I hope to visit you one day and thank you in person. Cheers Doug
    1. Davenet's Avatar
      Davenet -
      Quite a jump from 12 years ago, eh?? Congrats!!!
    1. rrtschampl's Avatar
      rrtschampl -
      Congrats AF1! You guys really are the best!
    1. spartan1984's Avatar
      spartan1984 -
      Fantastic and congratulations. Well deserved honor...keep up the great work and customer service
    1. BikerGeek's Avatar
      BikerGeek -
      Absolutely, well deserved. Congratulations!
    1. RossGuzzi's Avatar
      RossGuzzi -

      I agree with all the above. Well done team.
    1. teacherboy's Avatar
      teacherboy -
      Congratulations AF1. You guys are the best. Keep up the great work.
    1. adrenaline21's Avatar
      adrenaline21 -
      CONGRATS! ... You folks put the customer first which allows for everything else to fall in place automatically. Well deserved in any economic condition, but probably means more in this new economy.
    1. Motech's Avatar
      Motech -
      They invented this award just for AF1, nobody else comes close!

      Wish you guys were out here.
    1. nickc2s's Avatar
      nickc2s -
      Aprilia figured out what we have known for a long time.
      Congratulations to the AF1 Commanders and Krewe for your dedication and successes.
    1. nomadak's Avatar
      nomadak -
      Congrats to both AF1 and Moto International for keeping my Alaskan fleet of Italian super bikes in stellar condition. Couldn't be doing this without you folks.
    1. Darryl's Avatar
      Darryl -
      congratulations for the award. We in central Texas are very lucky to have Ed and Micah, AF1 Racing, in our back door. This is well deserved but wish there were many more like them in the U. S. . Congratulations again guys. again
    1. kapcom's Avatar
      kapcom -
      Congratulations. It is always good to see recognition go where it is genuinely deserved. I've been in shops, garages, fabricators, and parts stores for the last 35 years. Some owned and operated by good friends. Never have I witnessed such a level of professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge, and customer service greater than I have experienced in the past few days from AF1. Schuyler's skill at actually hearing my description of the problem, along with his incredible knowledge of the "science" of bikes. James' enthusiasm and the kindness he extended to my son, Mason. Micah's taking the time, at closing, not only to give a detailed explanation of the service performed, but also offer honest, experience based advice. I'm impressed.
    1. javamac10's Avatar
      javamac10 -
      Well deserved and earned! Congrats, and for course thank you for the always fantastic service!