• How to guide: crankcase reseal for XV

    The first time through this job was a lengthy ordeal, due to my unfamiliarity with the engine and poor Aprilia documentation. There's quite a few posts on this forum that explain in various detail how to accomplish the job, but as far as i can tell, nothing in a convenient collection.

    So, having to perform the job a SECOND time (dont ask!), i decided to pay it forward and assemble a guide that's meant to SUPPLEMENT the Aprilia service manual. It's meant to just add clarification and tips.

    The entire job took me 6 hours, and i honestly believe that anyone who's serviced the internals of a motorcycle engine should have no problem with it.

    In .pdf format here:
    http://www.af1racing.com/store/ProdImages/st3/i-zapp xv reseal.pdf
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    1. tgarrett's Avatar
      tgarrett -
      hello. i am new to the site. just purchased an 07 rxv 550 with 350 miles on it. i have put 450 on it and now realize my seal is going. i am going to try and do this myself. do you apply sealant to both halves? and did you have to replace the buckets or shims due to damage from antifreeze? thanks
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